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Thank you for taking the time out to read about Finding 9's and myself

About me...

So..I stepped into my first big ol' size nines at about 13 years old, then, the only options available were trainers, thick soled Clarks orrrrr men’s shoes. GREAT. 

I remember shopping with friends, who would be trying on the latest platform flip flop or the chunky Steve Maddens and feeling so uncomfortable when I was asked which ones I was trying knowing full well they won't have my size and I certainly didn't want to contend with having the shop assistant cry across the shop floor... 'These don't go up to a size 9 do they Janice?!?... Do you want to try and squeeze into an 8'.

I knew then that I wanted to make a difference to the options available to girls and women with larger feet.

Just because my feet were bigger doesn't mean I didn't want feminine shoes or deserve to have a shoe collection that provokes the green eyed monster. This is where the journey began and since then I've found some pretty good places that cater to a wide range of sizes, widths and budgets. Now I have people complimenting my shoes rather than trying to figure out if the boats on my feet could harbor a tour group to Monaco!

Finding 9's....

Finding 9's was established in 2017, I felt that it was unheard of to find companies that create shoes above a size 8. Once i started looking into it, i found that there are actually loads out there but i just didn't know about them, and if i didn't know i'm sure there were others that didn't know.


Et Voila... Findings 9's was created to be your one stop directory for shoe companies that cater to UK sizes 8 and above. These god sends genuinely cater to women with larger feet, taking style into consideration along side a good fit and comfort. 

This also progressed naturally into a blog to share with you all things big foot related; dedicated to shoe specific topics, such as the latest trends, shoe accessories, foot and shoe care hints or to basically just to show you shoes that I love and wish I had!!

Styling Soles...

Our shoe search service. It can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack looking the perfect pair for a specific occasion (or for no reason at all) so let me take that stress away from you. Get in touch today for your first  consultation for free.

Enough of me…BRING ON THE SHOES!!!!!



P.S  I work as an affiliate for some of the companies advertised and may gain commission